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Google makes biggest corporate renewable energy purchase, publishes 2019 Environmental Report

In both 2017 and 2018, Google purchased enough renewable energy to match its global energy usage in offices and data centers. The company today announced the “biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history.” This new achievement comes as Google is already the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world. Today’s deal involves […]

Google is indeed drifting away from China

Huawei’s new machine will no longer pre-install Google App Recently, foreign media reported that Huawei will launch the Mate 30 series in Munich, Germany in September.Mobile phoneThe promotional pictures of this series of mobile phones have also been uploaded to Twitter; at present, this news has not been confirmed by Huawei official. However, just yesterday […]

Google customer service confirmed the official version of Android 10 online: September 3

The final version of Google’s latest Android release would have been available on Pixel hardware by now in previous years, but Android Q is taking a little longer to deploy this year. Google did have a significant Android announcement just a few days ago, revealing that Android will no longer be associated with dessert names […]

Google released a lightweight face detector tailored for mobile

Google recently released a lightweight face detector tailored for mobile GPU reasoning — — sub-millisecond face detection algorithm Blaze Face. It can run at 200~1000+ FPS on flagship devices and can be used in many tasks that require fast and accurate recognition of face areas, such as 2D/3D facial keypoint recognition and geometry assessment, facial […]

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