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China’s IP office received the highest number of patent applications in 2018

Geneva, October 16, 2019 PR/2019/838 Go to: Patents | Trademarks | Industrial designs | Plant varieties | Geographical indications | Publishing industry Asia accounted for more than two-thirds of all patent, trademark and industrial design applications in 2018, with China driving overall growth in demand for intellectual property (IP) rights as the United States of America (U.S.) maintained its primacy in patent applications filed in export markets. Videos: Press conference Video – Highlights Video | Interactive charts: Barchart WIPO Director […]

Is Bitcoin Really a Bubble?

Although the price of Bitcoin has been largely directionless since the start of summer, that hasn’t dampened the spirits of many of those most committed to the first viable digital monetary system created. These analysts still believe that the Bitcoin market has a lot of room to grow. Illustrating this is James Todaro, the Managing […]

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) ‘s digital currency, hoping to beat Facebook’s Libra

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is charging full speed ahead with its digital currency plans, hoping to beat Facebook’s Libra to market. A dedicated team from the central bank’s Digital Currency Research Lab is now developing the system in a closed-door environment, away from the PBoC’s downtown Beijing headquarters, a person close to the […]

Huawei is helping carriers across Asia Pacific to deploy 5G faster

Today, the 5th Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day was held in Chengdu, China. This year’s Innovation Day is themed “Innovation Enables Asia-Pacific Digitization”. More than 200 representatives from government, industry and academia of Asia-Pacific countries and regions got together to discuss innovative 5G technologies and applications, sustainable development, as well as technology, humanity, and nature. As […]

How much is being spent yearly to generate blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain?

How much is being spent yearly to generate blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain? The calculation is relatively simple, according to American entrepreneur and avid Bitcoin speaker Charlie Shrem: 55 terawatt-hours of energy at approximately 7.5 cents per hour would amount to a hefty $4.125 billion. The energy usage generates strong opinions regarding what this means […]

China unveiled the 2019 list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises

On Sunday, China unveiled the 2019 list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, reporting improving performance and stable growth. The new list, based on the companies’ 2018 revenues, was jointly published by the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) and China Enterprise Directors Association. The largest 500 companies this year, covering 76 industries, have generated combined revenues […]

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