Category: Culture

The Chinese University starts classroom face recognition

Recently, the face recognition of the water test classroom in Nanjing China Pharmaceutical University has attracted the attention of netizens. According to reports, Nanjing China Pharmaceutical University installed face recognition access control at the entrance of the school, the entrance of the student dormitory, the library and other places, students can achieve a one-second “brush […]

Tsinghua University Shi Luping team released the world’s first heterogeneous fusion brain chip “Tianji”

Tsinghua University has developed the world’s first heterogeneous fusion brain chip, and posted the latest issue of Nature’s cover! The research team also showed the “unmanned bicycles” driven by the chip. This research was led by Professor Shi Luping from the Brain Computing Research Center of Tsinghua University. It lasted for 7 years and finally […]

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