Taiwan media reported that with the rapid increase of global demand for chips

On December 9, Taiwan media reported that with the rapid increase of global demand for chips, including the world’s leading chip foundry, TSMC 7Nm process, which was fully loaded before the end of the year, even the 5nm that is expected to be mass produced in the first quarter of next year, has also been favored by major customers, with more cases of order grabbing. In response, CLSA’s latest report mentioned that Asia’s 8-inch chip OEM supply is in short supply, not only TSMC, but also other manufacturers are facing the same situation.


According to the report of Taiwan Zhongshi electronic news on December 6, the market originally expected the supply chain of consumer electronic products to be de stocked, but did not expect the rapid development of 5g theme and the unexpectedly strong demand. In addition, the sales situation of Apple’s iPhone 11 series was also better than the market expectation. The production capacity of 8-inch chip foundry was in short supply before the end of the year, and it is more likely to be fully loaded in the whole year next year.

According to the report, CLSA, including ultra-thin fingerprint identification under the screen, 5g mobile phones, and PMIC / CIS upgrades, have greatly increased the overall chip demand. Some downstream manufacturers even bypass suppliers to find chip manufacturers directly, which shows that some manufacturers are afraid of not arriving. In addition, the capacity of Samsung’s own chip generation plant is almost full, which is unprecedented, and it is expected to shift some orders to manufacturers that produce 12 inch chips.

According to the report, the scale of chip OEM in Asia will continue to expand.

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