The Chinese University starts classroom face recognition


Recently, the face recognition of the water test classroom in Nanjing China Pharmaceutical University has attracted the attention of netizens. According to reports, Nanjing China Pharmaceutical University installed face recognition access control at the entrance of the school, the entrance of the student dormitory, the library and other places, students can achieve a one-second “brush face” without the need to swipe the card. At the same time, the school also piloted a face recognition system in some classrooms. After entering the classroom, students will be automatically identified by the system and monitored throughout the process. Whether it’s a skipping class, a daze or a cell phone, the system recognizes it.

his means that skipping classes and “answering for classmates” will become history. Xu Jianzhen, director of the Library and Information Center of China Pharmaceutical University, said that the face recognition of the school’s water test classroom is mainly to reduce students’ skipping classes, leaving early, spending money to find people to take classes, and not listening carefully during classes, to improve students’ attendance and serious classes. discipline.

The students have different opinions on the installation of the face recognition system. Some students think that face recognition is very convenient, and you don’t have to get stuck in your pocket. However, some students believe that the installation of face recognition system in teachers violates the personal privacy of students and limits personal freedom. What do you think of it?

Concept of face recognition software and hardware


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