Ma Yun said: I hope that the world’s men and women can balance


At the 2019 Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference, Ma Yun delivered his resignation in advance. He said that he has resigned as chairman of the board of directors of Ali for two weeks, but this does not mean retirement and no business. He said that Ali is only one of his dreams, there are still many things to toss. The brain does not move, people will soon grow old, and they will not stop.

Before leaving office, Ma Yun said that the last requirement for Alibaba is that the participation of female employees in Ali’s company must not be less than 33%, no matter what method must be used. If you can reach 50%, you are even happier. He said that to do things depends on men, to get things done depends on women, but only men and women can do things well. So, doing it, doing it well, doing it is three different realms.

Ma Yun said: I hope that the world’s men and women can balance, so that the world will be better. The best thing women bring to the world is to stick to themselves. Ma Yun said that women are unique beings, leaving women, and men are not. To this end, Ma Yun bluntly hopes that he can be a good woman in his next life and bring more beauty to the world.

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